We want d’brew not to be a burden to the earth. So we are taking small steps to be eco-friendly.


d’brew boxes

d’brew boxes are made from 100% biodegradable & 100% recyclable material. The next step is to make them from recycled kraft paper or kraft paper from sustainable forests so we know that they are making a minimum impact to the nature.



The tea we sell come in food grade kraft paper pouches with a lining that protects the tea from the elements and protects the freshness of tea. Whilst we are currently unable to make every brand we stock pack their teas in recyclable pouches made from recyclable material we have taken the initiative to pack our own teas in pouches made from recycled tea sacks. Slowly we hope to introduce nature friendly packaging to all the brands we stock.


Reuse Rewards

Our boxes and pouches can be re-used to minimise the impact to the nature even further. Here are some ideas:
• You can use our boxes for mailing
• Saw seeds or grow herbs
• The stand-up tea pouches are perfect to grow herbs

To encourage re-suing our packaging we send you a discount code for your next order when you share your photos re-using d’brew packaging on Facebook and tag us (#cuppalong or #dbrew).