Own-label Brands

Tea has lost its glory due to the multi-nationals selling fanning (tea dust) as good tea and blending tea from multiple sources to lower the quality of tea to increase the profits and the market share. But there is a small but strong group of own-label tea brands fighting for quality selling tea ‘as it is’. d’brew represent this small segment providing a platform to sell their tea allowing them to reach a larger audience.


Why own-label tea brands

Own-label brands not only bring you quality tea from around the world but also add value with their expertise. They are usually family businesses. Often tea is sourced directly from estates by a taster not a procurement person who is given a budget and looks for tea that fits within that budget.

Own-label brands

We currently stock tea from the following brands:

Cup of Tea | Pure Tea | Pure Chimp

If you are an own-label and looking to extend your reach, d’brew provides a new channel to tea lovers. Contact us on tea@dbrew.co.uk.