How it Works

We have tried to keep things simple. Our box can take 2 items. So if you add 4 items to the basket we’ll send you 2 boxes and if 6, you will get 3 boxes. All delivered through your letter box.


You select the tea you love

We stock finest tea from quality brands around the world and we also have our own single origin teas. So you are spoilt for choice.

We pick, pack, seal your order

Our d’brew box can take 2 pouches full of tea bags or loose tea. So if you add 2 to the cart we’ll send them to you in one of our d’brew boxes. If you order 4 pouches we’ll send them to you in 2 boxes and if you like to have 6 pouches we’ll send them to you in 3 boxes.


& Deliver free through your letter box

Doesn’t matter how many boxes it takes, we deliver through your letterboxes so you don’t have to stay at home.

UK delivery – £1.50 per d’brew box (2 items per box)
Europe delivery – £3.50 per d’brew box (2 items per box)

So you can enjoy a good cuppa every single time

Together let’s say no to tea bags with left over dust (fanning) that we drink every day (except for matcha ☺). We want everyone to enjoy a good cuppa brewed from the finest leaves whether they are in a bag or loose.