After a long walk home in the cold we found that the tea has run out, which made us Google for quality tea. We found that there were quite a few sites offering quality tea under their own labels but there was no place selling all the brands! The rest is history…


We are two friends who have set out to revive our beloved drink.

Our taste buds were suffering at the hands of mass produced tea. If we wanted a quality cup we had to buy from own label brands and pay delivery for each delivery from different brands. We thought we could do a lot better!

Join the quality tea revolution

After 11 months in the making we have finally launched d’brew with the help of our partners.

Hope you join us to revive the tea industry and give the growers, quality brands and their tea the deserved recognition.

Hope you enjoy a good cup of tea every single time.

Cuppa along!

Crew @ d’brew